Time's Twisted Arrow (Timebound)

The Making of a Royal Marine Commando - Nigel Foster

First of I would like to thank Rysa Walker for the FREE personalized, autographed copy of the book.

I would suggest this book to any young adult readers. It was really enjoyable to read, and I sat down and read it in one go. I love the way Rysa Walker incorporates real history into the book to make it more believable. I think when an author spends the time doing the history research for the book it makes it all that more enjoyable.

The relationships between all the characters are well written. I think there isn't a person in the book I disliked even the so called "Bad Guys" except Simon.

You will like this book if you have read Time Riders by Alex Scarrow. They're both about time travel and stopping time from shifting and fixing that what have gone wrong. I can't wait in until book two of Chronos files is written.

I will defiantly be buying a copy.